Koukounaries is located in the island of Skiathos. It is also called Golden Sand because of the sparkling colour of its sand.

Its blue-green sea is the reason that is full of tourists from all over the world during summer .  It has been awarded with the Blue Flag since its water is crystal clear

Waterskiing,canoes, pedalos and parasailing are sports that are always availiable in Koukounaries.

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Lalaria is the most picturesque beach of Skiathos. 

It is only accesible by boat and it is a pebble beach.

In Lalaria beach you won't find any beach bar or tavern or a shadow place,so water ,food and suncare are necessary.

It is located in the northeanstern coast and its distance from Skiathos is about 10km.

The sign of the beach is the "hole stone" which you can see in every photo.

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Vromolimnos beach is located at the south coast of Skiathos.

Its name means "dirty lake" and took it from a lake located a few meters before the beach.

Only 8km away from the town of Skiathos you can find the beach with fine sand and very clean and calm waters.

The bay of Vromolimnos combines both the beach bars for the young people but also traditional taverns for people of all ages.

It is the perfect place for water sports since the calm waters are ideal for water skiing.

There are plenty of hotels to stay , luxurius or not , and also many restaurants,taverns or coffee places.

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Banana beach is divides in two beaches : small and big banana.

Years ago was called "Kassa" but then it changed into Banana from a very popular beach bar that opened there.

It is a sandy beach with crystal and clear waters.

It's a beach for young people since it has a well-known beach bar that operates all day & night.

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The beach of Vasilias is located 1.5km away from the town of Skiathos.

It took his name during Byzantium, when the king went there for luxurius holidays.

Nowadays, you can enjoy their well-organised beach with bars and umbrellas.

Water-sports and water-taxis are always availiable.

Even if it seems desolated you can find anything you need.

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Troulos is the best place for family vacation and it is located 9km in Skiathos town.

Both village and beach took their name from the island "Troulonisi" that is locate about 400m from the village.

It has everything that needed for full-organisezed vacations,such as hotels, renting rooms , restaurants, taverns and night life.

It is a sandy beach and it has been awarded with Blue flag.

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Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskevi took its name from the little church "Saint Paraskevi" that was built near the sea.

The location is also known as Platanias beach and it is one of the most picturesque beaches because of its golden sand and blue waters.

Accommondation ,taverns and organised-beach is availiable in Agia Paraskevi.

It can be accessed by car and bus too.

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Kanapitsa beach is located 4km from the town of Skiathos.

You can go either by car or bus.If you choose bus then you'll walk around the pine trees for about 10minutes since this beach is hidden among the trees.

Its a fine sand beach with clear blue waters.

It is ideal for family vacation since it is very quiet and there are plenty of exercusion in the trails of the island.

It's also known for the Water Sports School that offers all type of water-sports and also children can learn right away.

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