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Panagia Evaggelistriaeuaggelistria


The monastery of "Panagia Evaggelistria" was built on the highest peak of Skiathos near the port.

A group of monks,whose motion called "Kollyvades" had built the church.

It was dedicated to Virgin Mary's annunciation and it was built during Byzantium between 1790-1860.

Also ,the monastery was the first place to raise Greek flag back in 1807.

It is a male monastery , where entry is forbidden to women.






Κεχρεά Μονή


Monastery of Kechria

It is an isolated monastery in northwestern side of the island.

About 5km from the town of Skiathos.

It was built in 18th century and till now it is well maintained.













The Castle


A must-seen place in Skiathos is the Castle or Kastro.

It consider to be the Old Capital that was built in the 14th century.

Until 1453 ,the castle was under Byzantine administration and then Venetians took it until 1538.

After that, the Turks occupied it until 1821 in the Greek Revolution. In 1830 the Castle was abandoned and only a church and some walls and buildings withstood.

It was built up in a rock in the north of the main town in order to provide shelter from pirates. 

Due to its perfect position they could see all over the sea and predict incoming attacks.

You can go to Kastro either by walking or boat. Excursions take place from the town of Skiathos.But if go on feet remember that the walk is about 3 hours.




Bourtzi Peninsula


When you visit Skiathos ,you can't forget to see Bourtzi.

Bourtzi peninsula divides the port in two,the old and the new port.

It was built in 1211 by Andrea and Jeremiah Ghizi ,Venetian brothers,who had Bourtzi as a fort for protection from pirates attack. 

When Francesco Morosini,the Venetian admiral, took over the island in 1660, Bourtzi was destroyed.

A lot of years later,in 1906 Andreas Sigrou made a donation and a primary school was built in the center of Bourtzi peninsula.


Now , the only things that exists from the old fortress are some walls,the water tank of the fortress at the entrance of the old school,cannons along the road and the position of the Church of St.George.

Because of that church, Bourtzi was also called "Castle of St.George".

Now Bourtzi is a center of culture with several cultural events take place in the theater,like concert and plays.There is also a popular cafe in the right side of peninsula.




Papadiamantis House

In the center of the town there is Papadiamantis house,one of the most popular attractions in Skiathos.

The house was built by his father during 1850-1860 and the big Greek writter spent most time of his life there.

Now it became a museum for tourists so they can see the traditional greek architecture .

The house consists of two floors. The first floor was been exactly the same and you can see all of the author's possession.

The ground floor has changed and became an exhibition room with traditional products from Skiathos.

Ticket : 2€ ( Free entrance for visitors younger than 19 years )

Open Hours : 08:30-15:00



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